Sidonie & Géraldine, co-fonders 1919 Bains de mer

Welcome to Saint-Malo

Ramparts, delicious sea air, invigorating sea spray and invigorating storms… There’s no doubt about it, you’re in Saint-Malo!

It was here, in this leading town in Brittany, where life is good, that Géraldine and Sidonie met for the first time. Every day, the two women realise what a luxury it is to live by the sea. It’s a way of life that balances the body and makes you feel invigorated on a daily basis.

But how do you bring the benefits of seawater to people who live far from the shore?

Together, they thought about the best way to pass on these benefits. The result was 8 bio-marine skincare products with a high concentration of seawater!

Our mission : to make the benefits of seawater available to everyone


Whether or not you live near the sea, you’re entitled to enjoy the benefits of seawater in your bathroom every day!
With its ocean-inspired ritual, 1919 Bains de mer democratises thalassotherapy. For the first time in cosmetics, 8 beauty skincare products, containing up to 50% of real seawater, deploy their remineralising, rebalancing and regenerating powers and take you to the seaside from the comfort of your own home!

Why choose seawater for health and beauty treatments?


To rebalance and nourish the skin, it needs an ingredient that can be assimilated effortlessly. Seawater is available and compatible:

> BIO AVAILABLE : our skin and body assimilate seawater by simple osmosis.
> BIO COMPATIBLE : as a partner, seawater acts harmlessly on our skin by reactivating the cells’ natural mechanisms. It also increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients in our skincare products by improving their absorption by the skin.