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1919 bains de mer

1919: A new feminity is born


The year 1919 marked the beginning of a memorable era. The Roaring Twenties were just around the corner, and sea bathing was all the rage. Women were becoming assertive and liberated, revealing a new side to their femininity and beauty as they frolicked in the ocean. Seawater helped enhance their beauty naturally.

Here at 1919 Bains de Mer, we have great respect for these women. The courage and bold spirit that drove them in the early twentieth century is still thriving today.

Taking their legacy as our inspiration, we’ve developed a beauty-enhancing skincare range for women. Our products are made with plenty of seawater from Brittany and are Cosmos Organic certified.

Experience the sensation of 1919 sea swims with our products!

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from the ocean

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1919 bains de mer