a natural source

of vitality

and active ingredients

1919 bains de mer

Essential ingredient
to all life

Seawater is incredibly rich in minerals and plant energy, which can be harnessed to strengthen our daily life force. It provides us with the elements we may lack as a result of leading stressful, exhausting lives in urban areas.

The composition of seawater is much like that of the liquids in our bodies (blood plasma and lymph), so it’s easily absorbed by our tissues. It therefore provides our cells with everything they need in order to regenerate and stay balanced.

Seawater improves cells’ ability to repair and regenerate by 15%, making skin more radiant.

The power of the sea

Seawater, a true source of vitality and active compounds, is the core ingredient in our formulas

Mineral salts

Deeply moisturizing

Mineral salts help maintain and rejuvenate our skin cells, slowing down the ageing process.

Trace elements

Energy & vitality

Iodine, in particular, helps us maintain balance in our bodies and minds.


Radiance & luminosity

Softening, soothing seaweed revitalizes and invigorates skin for a radiant complexion.

Capturing the power of the
ocean of Brittany

We collect our precious seawater from Cancale Bay, near Saint-Malo in Brittany. The water is carefully filtered to remove any impurities, but its rich properties remain intact.
When our bodies absorb this elixir, we become stronger and our skin is revitalized.